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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 30, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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we heard governor o'malley telling people this is going to be a deadly storm. >> james is a meteorologist with us from our sister station. you are in reisterstown where the governor spoke yesterday and will speak today. >> reporter: he is coming in around 10:30, right now, outside, it's still nasty. it's another miserable day with some heavy rain coming down, light at times, though, periodically wind gusts in here. nothing like yesterday afternoon and evening. it's still nasty. the roads coming over here, they weren't all that bad. there were branches down, i
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saw a lot of leaves on the road. be careful. i saw the signs up that said the speed limit is 65, where ever you are, interstates are not, are 45 or lower miles per hour. keep that in mind. it's a good idea to stay inside. right at the headquarters here, what they are doing, they said they had two confirmed deaths, the one of course is a tree that fell on the house that you saw earlier, another one from a car accident, in montgomery county. they are sending a mobilizing, medical strike team, sending that to summer set county, later, they are upping the medical backing for them there. back to you guys. >> we will cover the governor at 10:30. coming up this mornings at 5:00. >> stay with usa regoing to continue our coverage of the aftermath of super storm sandy. we will have the latest, the death toll numbers continue to
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rise, power outages as well. we will let you know the situation in our area.
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. wake of super storm sandy. >> we went from hurricane to super storm. there are a lot of stories coming out of the storm. now we are following all of them for you, our nation's capitol, dealing with the aftermath of the storm. another big story here in our community today, on the right side of the screen, looking at flooding. this in is hamden area. >> good morning maryland at 5:00 begins right now. >> you are watching the station that works for you.
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now, good morning maryland. >> super storm sandy is here. roads are flooded, power is out, the winds keep whipping outside the window. what you need to know to keep you and your family safe. >> we are all over it this morning, we have you covered. >> speaking of the mountains to the beach, depends on where you are. we have the rain and winds and severity of the flooding. west, they are snow. >> that's why they call it the super storm. >> lynette charles is standing by with a check of the forecast. >> you are in store for rain, and for more winds, we have the flooding potential out there. let's get down to business. maryland's most powerful radar, picking up on heavy rain bands, continuing throughout the morning. see the heaviest around baltimore, in to dc, over towards hagerstown. we have flood warnings up through today, this could be extended in to tomorrow. the flood warnings, everywhere, across the viewing area, even
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extended towards the north and east, not only do we have regular flood warnings but coastal warnings as well. it's for the areas shaded in the blue color and all this is because we will deal with high tides throughout the day. we will see those high tides and we will see rainfall totals coming from yesterday. parkville, close to 6 inches of rainfall across the area. overfive in owings, belvedere heights -- bwi, 4.78 inches of rain. this was yesterday, we are going to pile in rain throughout the day. we have the flood warnings in effect. winds are going to be the story for today as well. sustained easton, 20 miles per hour. the gusts are more. we can see 25 miles an hour gusts in easton and 32 in ocean city. we will have tropical storm forced winds throughout the day in some spots. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook.
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good morning. those heavy winds causing aton of power outages, 200,000 marylanders now, in the dark. up in harford, we have a fallen power line that shutdown route 24 at route 136. more problems in baltimore, dealing with flooding in rose dale on route 588, golden ring road. the main lines, the beltway, park heights, roads going to be slick, those speed limits have been reduced to 45 miles per hour, something very important to keep in mind as you head out. this is what 83 looks like in hunt valley, shawan road. no problems to report. very, very slick conditions, you do want to be aware part of falls road will be shut down between old court and old pimlico road. there are up to two deaths in our state, a man in pasadena
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died after a tree fell on his house. >> what happened with this guy? >> reporter: we got off the phone with police about an hour ago, we are live at the arundel county police headquarters in millersville. police say that last night, just before 11:00, a tree fell on this man's house, trapped him and killed him. police found the dead man's body. we are told it happened in the 7700 block of stewet drive in pasadena. police car in front of the house because the man's body is inside the house. we are told they are waiting for a heavy crane to remove the tree. the tree was in the front of the house when it fell in to his kitchen and cut through the roof, literally cut through the house. we could see furniture that was destroyed, insulation that fell from the roof. this man died.
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we are told the man was in his 70s, an adult son who would stay with him occasionally but his son was not inside the home. police have not been able to positively identify the victim. we are told that once they get the crane in and remove the tree, they will identify him, notify family and his body h be taken to the medical examiner's office. linda so, abc2 news. a woman died in a crash this is also blamed on sandy. that woman was killed when another car skidded off of the wet road, this happened in german town, crashed in to her. the drive and pamerer doing okay but unfortunately another death because of storm. people are facing downed trees and flooding. sherrie johnson joins us live on the jfx with more. >> reporter: basically, you can hear the water, we are in
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hampton, take a look at this, the water is overflowing it's banks here and going in to the packing lot, over here for nearby businesses in the area where there is flooding. there are a number of businesses in the areas and the parring lots are flooded because of the rising water here, and the water here at the jones falls started to overflow. we are right under the jfx. this area is no stranger to flooding for the businesses and homes, they have experienced problems from other storms as well. the city department of transportation has closed several roads and intersections because of the flooding, this includes meadows mills business park. mayor stephanie rawlings blake request, police officers and responders are out and about on the streets to respond to any problems. we have seen a number of them stopping by here this morning, just checking on things, making sure that everyone is safe.
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the city has received calls for downed trees and power lines and flooding. yesterday the mayo i a announced a mandatory travel restriction for roadways. that restriction began last night about 6:00, and runs until today at noon. this restriction does not include uniformed personnel, hospital employees and medical providers. it's important to note baltimore city has 6 shelters that are open. they opened yesterday at 9:00 a.m., anyone that's displaced because of sandy, you are asked to go to the shelters. we have a list on our website at again, the banks here at the jones falls overflowing, causing flight flooding in the area. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. one of the popular vacation spot, now a ghost town as remnants of sandy move ashore. this is the flooded street of atlantic city, normally be full of cars. it is impassible today.
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water topped the roadway in a matter of hours and winds and rains continued pounding the area. >> this is a past train station in new jersey, from new jersey in to new york city, the new york and new jersey transit authority tweeted the picture out. three major airports are shutdown. water seeped through the subway stations and the tunnel connecting manhattan and brooklyn. >> sandy is howling outside your window, probably now. >> you heard it last night. the winds, the rain, whipping around and likely, you could have a day off work, the kids have the day off of school. >> james is outside the headquarters in reisterstown. the winds are kicking up around you. >> reporter: we are get the real strong gusts. over 30, easily. it's raining over five plus inches of rain like lynette was talking about. it's cold out here,
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temperatures in the 40s. another miserable day here with the rain coming on down. not bad, not a lot of people on the roads, which is nice. stay insides. speed limit 45, no matter where you are on the highway or less of course in town. leaves on the roads, that can make it slick out there. leaves pile up on one spot. there is a gust now. i didn't see a lot of flooding, but the lower lying areas in the dips in the road, have water at the bottom, of course you want to travel with care and don't travel over any flooded streets. like yesterday, we were saying yesterday , if you don't have to be out, don't go out. stay warm and safe. >> power outage caused by sandy is causing a smelly situation near the river in howard
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county. there is a sewage overflow, we are talking about a lot of it. 2million gallons per hour going in to the river. this is about half a mile from the intersection of u.s. 1 and route 32. crews in the area are working to restore the power but definitely telling people stay away from the little patuxent until they can clean up the mess. early voting canceled today. if you wanted to cast a ballot, before november 6th, an extra day has been added, make up day scheduled for friday. it began on saturday and scheduled to end on november 1st, it's been extended to december. sandy slammed the northeast united states yesterday, sending emergency crews scrambling. >> many of the guys are on the job. we'll be right back. anncr: it's endorsed by business leaders...
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this is from overnight.
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explosion from new york city, the new york city con edson plant. one of the reasons part of lower manhattan is in trouble and dark. the company vice president is saying this morning, this is the worst storm related outage in the company's history, as you can see, incredible explosion happening out of there. >> according to breaking, it could be a week because of the explosion, could be a week for customers to get back on. that's out of con edson. >> if you lost power, you know it's brutal being without it for that long. >> i a lot of you are listening opposed to watching. a huge fire broke out in the breezy point neighborhood incomes queens new york. >> 50 homes destroyed. jim describes the incredible scene. we will run the video for you to hear. >> 4200 homes out here.
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this is a community that lost the most people during 9/11, the firefighters and cops during 9/11, the community was hit horribly tonight. around 6:30, they lost power. the water came rushing in. many expected there will be flooding and loss of power. the fire erupted on one of the walks out here and went from walk to walk to walk. we were in a home and the fire was across from us. as the fire spread, we evacuated not once, was waded our way to another and home realized the cars started to blow up in that parking lot. we had to leave there. we went to another home and the fire continued to spread. my understanding, it has spread acrossed about 12 blocks of breezy point , the wedge. it's a place i'm very particular with. i spent summers down here.
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it's destroyed tonight. right now, we are in a church. there is about 40 of us that are as we speak are about to be evacuated and taken out of here on a bus, there is no option to stays there aretons of firefighters here, trying to put the blaze out. the fire is still going. we thought we were going to see people that didn't want to leave. they are forced to leave, not by water, flood and sandy, but by fire. what we have seen here is devastating. the people are amazing people. they are people with a lot of pride to them. they are keeping their pride tonight and going the people i have spoken to said they are going to rebuild and they will get through this. >> there were 170 firefighters on the scene there at any one point out of queens. what incredible video. >> the storys keep coming in
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from the region, connecticut, it's impossible to go fight a fire there because of flooding in the area, due to sandy. we will hear the stories all day long. >> time for a check of the forecast with lynette. they are really getting hammered with the aftermath. >> that's what we expected. here, at home, we are dealing with flooding of our open, also windy conditions, we can check out the latest stats on sandy. post tropical cyclone sandy, moving to the northwest at 16, the pressure is at 9:52. we will continue to have the rain just pouring in here as we go throughout the day. we have heavy rain bands this morning. that will persist through the morning hours and as we go in to the afternoon. we can see a line, thin line of the heaviest rain, slicing through baltimore, also glen burnie, lake shore, we are seeing heavier rain now, around
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graysonville and easton and this will persist, as we slide over towards the east, around dc this morning, montgomery county, you are getting in on the worst of things as well. now we check out the rainfall totals for this morning already, yesterday we got up to 5, 6 inches in spots. we are going to add on to that. close to an inch of rain. parkville, waldorf, helen, annapolis, 6/10ths of an inch. 8/10ths in easton. this will pile up. you saw the rain, that's what is going to be happening.though this map was interesting. different colors, high wind warnings and flood watches, floods warnings, the chesapeake bay has a hurricane force wind warning for throughout the day as well. we have the high tides, a two to four foot bay surge. see these areas, the high tide
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times from 5:55 to 11:39 this morning, we still have the power loss potential, people have lost power. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. >> the heavy winds are why the bay bridge does remain closed. it won't be open until a thorough investigation has been done. if you are traveling in arundel county, a lot of flooding, route 176, is now shut down at baltimore annapolis boulevard. west nursery going to be closed because of flooding. if you are traveling in baltimore county, we are dealing with fallen tree on reisterstown, near slade avenue, looking at 83, the road will be wet. speed limit reduced to h 5 reduced to 45 miles per hour. falls road shutdown due to flooding between old court and
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pimlico road. this is 695, parkville, harford, not too many people out there. the roads will be in rough shape, very, very wet, take it slow if you have to travel. that's a look at your traffic. 19 minutes after 5:00, we did check bwi's website and amtrak, as far as bwi, there are a handful of flights going out. if you are going anywhere, definitely call ahead first. subway system, the city streets, sandy is making a mess of lands marks all over new york city. >> how the super storm took a bite out of one of the buildings in the big apple. . a live shot at the nation's capitol, the capitol building along the mall. see the winds whipping the flags. [ female announcer ] having grands biscuits
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in the morning is easy. pop them in, go about your business, and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. now, super storm sandy, a live shot in coney island, much of this amusement park, under
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water is beginning tuesday. a lot of new york and lower manhattan are under water this morning, too. >> new york was hit hard by this storm. the city that never sleeps in the dark, we are talking about roads, subways, they are flooded. >> here is a picture of the crane along the skyline. it was snapped in the high winds, this was recorded video from around sundown last night. this happened around midday. see the crane hanging. this, a real danger this morning. >> this is the worst they have seen. look at this, this reminds me of a doll house. hurricane sandy taking a toll on buildings in the new york area. this is incredible, the second and third floor facade of the building. 92nd street and 8th avenue, it fell off during the storm. though that happened with the people in new york, nobody was hurt. that's pretty miraculous. >> gusting winds, powerful rains and rising floods waters have emergency responders on
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high alert. coming up next, crews and how they are answering the call to help. a family is trapped inside waist deep in water. >> reporter: live to dc, the nation's capitol. the winds blowing the flag. a lot of breeze this morning. we'll be right back. alright let's break it down. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ]
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this is a situation in new jersey, the water was waist high and families needed help getting out. you can see rescuers were putting a couple of boats in to the water, carrying others out. power is out to more than a million homes and businesses in the area. >> more than 200 patients moved from a new york hospital after the back up generators failed. among them were 20 babies from the neo natal intensive care
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unit. a team of first responders from northern california helped bring the patients to safety. forced to abandon ship after the historic replica was rocked by sandy. >> we are going to have the latest on the surviving crew members of the hms bounty.
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